Lead Business Contact

Becca Walker

Hi, my name is Becca Walker, and I handle most business contact. I have worked direclty with several downtown business such as Betty Belts, Sea Things, and Very Ventura.


(805) 336-1549

Lead Intern

Tyler Wolowicz

I'm Tyler Wolowicz, and I am one of the Lead Interns in DTech academy. I help manage the lab and have worked with buisnesses such as the YMCA, Ecugreen, and For Your Home Furniture.


(805) 707-3911

Lead Intern

James Sokoloski

Hello, my name is James Sokolaski and I am also a Lead Intern at DTech Academy. I've worked with Ventura local companies such as Iron and Resin and Grain.


(805) 833-9833

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