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"Gravity Water combines rainwater harvesting,storage,and filtration providing communities in developing countries with localized sources of safe drinking that are self-sustaining and 100% energy-free". Starting in 2016, Gravity Water has been installing rainwater collection and filtration systems around the world to help communities get access to clean water. Gravity Water projects are located in 6 countries and territories around the world. Gravity Water builds rainwater collection,storage, and filtration systems using local materials and without any electricity or heat. As a result, their systems are easier to build and mantain through their local partnership program and can provide communities with water for years to come.

Mission Information

Our Goal is to provide the Bishwa Shiksha Sadan Secondary School in Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal with clean,self-sustaining water filtration systems.

Currently the school provides an education to 218 students, ages 13-18, who have no reliable source of water.

Each item purchased gives a portion of our profits to these children. Feel free to directly donate to our cause.

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A portion of DTech's profits goes to Gravity Water. Every one of our business teams donates a portion of their profit to a fund directly donated to Gravity Water.