DTech is excited to announce our partnership with CLEAN International!

CLEAN International is a non-profit focused on providing clean water and sanitation across the world. CLEAN Int. does this with the goal of improving people's heath and opportunities. In DTech and CLEAN's partnership, a portion of revenue will be donated to CLEAN Int. to repair wells on the Democratic Republic of the Congo. DTech will also be providing CLEAN with products for their donors. If you want to learn more about CLEAN International please visit their website here. DTech is looking forward to this partnership going forward, visit this page and the DTech Instagram to stay updated!

CLEAN International: "There are so many people around the world who want to help, but it's hard to find sometimes a way to make a meaningful difference, and fortunately water allows you to do that. Our vision is the eradication of waterborne illness, and an end to the walk for water worldwide.

Statement from CLEAN International: "CLEAN International is so excited to partner with DTech at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura CA to help raise awareness and funds for clean water worldwide. A special thank you to all the DTech students for creating innovative new materials to help thank our donors and spread the word of how to make a lasting difference for those in need!"